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Introducing Inflabi

The Helmet that Inflates to Protect

In cities, despite helmets being an essential aspect of a rider’s protection, many people still do not use them. We discovered that people felt helmets are too bulky and a burden to carry. As well as uncool and annoying.

We are changing this.

That is why we set out to develop and produce the world’s most flexible helmet. Inflabi is a lightweight, inflatable, reusable and safer helmet for urban travellers.

We want to bring flexibilty and safety to your urban lifestyle.

From flatpack to secure. In one quick step.

Move effortlessly throughout the city.

Whether you’re e-biking to work, scooting back from the café, or enjoying a leisurely weekend ride, choose Inflabi for unparalleled flexibility and safety.

Wear Inflabi when you need it. Deflate it and pack it away when you don’t.


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The team behind Inflabi's Inflatable Helmet

Meet Team Inflabi: Mobility Shapers.

At Inflabi we are driven by passion. Passion for mobility, passion for flexible solutions and passion for adventure.

We are a multidisciplinary team of 8 people with varied backgrounds. We stand for sustainability, adventure, outstanding design and simplicity in the mobility industry.

Live life your way, without compromising

Safe – 4x shock absorption

Our unique technology is designed to provide the highest level of safety for cyclists. Inflabi uses air chambers to provide superior impact absorption compared to traditional EPS foam helmets. We will exceed the European standard requirements for helmets. (EN 1078)


Compact – 85% resizable

Inflabi is designed to be easily portable and can be deflated and packed away when not in use. This makes it perfect for commuters who need to transport their helmet with them.


Unlike EPS foam helmets that frequently crack upon impact, Inflabi is engineered for reusability. Thanks to our innovative air technology, our helmets can withstand multiple impacts without compromising their structural integrity as long as the helmet is airtight. 

Express yourself

In the future Inflabi can be customized with different patterns and fabrics, making it a fashionable and personalized accessory for any cyclist.

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