Inflabi Unveils New Design

Milestones, Publicity

For a while now we have been sharing the initial inflabi prototype. Maybe you’ve seen it at a bike fair or on TV, or perhaps you were even one of the lucky test users.

And while we love our orange peel prototype, we are super excited to be working on the next iteration of inflabi and to work on a new design that we will be able to bring to market.

We initially shared our new prototype at the Eurobike in Frankfurt. The new design offers a more sleek and a more comfortable fit and is on course to meet all European safety standards in the coming weeks, as well as housing our innovative new technology.

 Of course we are very excited and It would be rude of us to not share some of our excitement with yous.

While we cannot show the actual prototype just yet, it’s shy (aka. still in the workshop) Nevertheless, we have some exciting product photos and a new teasers to show you.

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