Inflabi on Hessenschau

Jun 28, 2023 | Press, Publicity

Inflabi on Hessenschau!


Inflabi is famous!  Well at least in the state of Hessen. You may have seen us recently on the Hessenschau where presenter Tatjana wieczork met with our co-founder Julian to discuss and try our Inflabi prototype. It is always nice to start small and gather fame locally before eventual world domination 😉

The piece was recorded from our booth at the VeloFrankfurt back in may. We are always attending big bike fairs such as the Eurobike,  so make sure to come over and say hi! if you see us at the next one.

You can view the segment (in German) here.

We love our orange peel prototypes but we are super excited to share our new prototype design that we published here. Innovation requires constant improvement and that requires moving on from our beloved initial prototype to a stronger and more complete prototype that is ready for testing!

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