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First inflatable bike helmet.


We develop safe and sustainable mobility for tomorrow

Our long-term vision is to make green mobility even more attractive and safer in order to reduce environmental pollution in inner cities and combine freedom, fun and safety in road traffic. Explicitly, we want to make cycling safer by developing a helmet that is optimally adapted to urban conditions, looks stylish and offers people added value in everyday life.


of german cyclists are not wearing a bicycle helmet (BASt, 2021)

bike accidents in Germany (statista, 2019)


of bad brain injuries could be avoided if helmets were worn consistently (DGU)


Make cycling safer and more comfortable

Despite the accident figures, the majority of people do not wear a bicycle helmet in everyday life. We conclude that the origin is emotional motivations that bring the classic product bicycle helmet. Therefore, our idea is to develop an innovative bicycle helmet that finally meets the user needs and requirements in the city. The helmet can be compressed small and stored safely in your jacket pocket or on your bike. It adapts to any head shape and is guaranteed to sit comfortably on your head. And it’s safer than any classic city bike helmet you know. With our custom design we transform the bike helmet to your lifestyle product.


First inflatable bike helmet for urban cyclists

And this is how we put the idea into practice: unlike classic helmets, the bicycle helmet is not made of EPS foam, but is filled with air. The implementation of the helmet with the air-filled chambers we call the air cushion technology. It allows you to have better shock absorption in case of a fall and a very comfortable and light fit of the helmet on your head. When you finish a ride on your bike, you now have the possibility to let the air out of the helmet in about 1 second, compress it and store it e.g. in your jacket pocket. With a small electric pump you can then inflate the helmet again in a short time. You attach the pump which comes in a case to the bike and can also charge your cell phone or conveniently inflate your tires again.

Inflabi on TV

Watch our early stage prototype post by Hessischer Rundfunk

Aufblasbarer Fahrradhelm – 31.05.2022 ∙ Die Ratgeber ∙ hr-fernsehen


We are an interdisciplinary team of bike enthusiasts

We are passionate cyclists, inventors, designers and future creators with entrepreneurial spirit. Complementary skills make us a multidisciplinary and competent founding team. We stand for sustainability, trust, good design and fun with cycling.
At the moment we are building first prototypes and plan our business. Be part of it and join us on the journey to your favorite bike helmet.

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