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In air we trust – The Technology behind our Inflatable Bike Helmet


What the Inflabi Inflatable Bike Helmet looks like deflated


Brain saving air,
inflabis technology.

We use inflated air chambers to provide unparalleled safety and protection for cyclists. Our unique design uses abraisent resistent high-quality fabrics and a specialized membrane to create air chambers that can be easily inflated before use, providing a custom fit and maximum impact absorption.

Better safe than sorry.

We are currently working towards getting the certification for the Inflabi Inflatable bike helmet. This involves undergoing rigorous testing and meeting industry standards for safety and performance. We are committed to ensuring that our helmet meets the highest safety standards.

Inflatable Bike Helmet Inflated

Absorbing impacts,
again and again.

Our goal is to make the helmet reusable after a crash. Our future valve comes with a pressure gauge to easily check the pressure security and gives you the trust to reuse the helmet. This not only saves cost but also promotes sustainability.