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It started with some
Air and a Vision.

From a simple idea to inflate air cushions, our vision became a reality with the creation of the most advanced and comfortable inflatable bike helmet.

We want to make cycling safer by developing a helmet that is optimally adapted to urban conditions, looks stylish and offers people added value in everyday life.


Love your ride,
Love your head.

Our inflatable bike helmet offers superior protection and comfort for the ultimate cycling experience.
Light weight and flexible, comfortable and adaptable. If you don’t need Inflabi deflate it in seconds and store it in your pocket.

With Inflabi you are…







In air we trust.

Unlike classic helmets, the bicycle helmet is not made of EPS foam, but consists of robust textile air tied chambers that use our air technology. When filled with air we can achieve a better shock absorption in case of a fall.


Cyclists shaping sustainable mobility.

Complementary skills make us a multidisciplinary and competent founding team. We stand for sustainability, trust, good design and fun with cycling.


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