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Safe – 4x shock absorption

The Inflabi helmet uses air chambers to provide superior impact absorption compared to traditional foam helmets. This unique technology is designed to provide the highest level of safety for cyclists.

Compact – 85% resizable

The Inflabi helmet is designed to be easily portable and can be deflated and packed away when not in use. This makes it perfect for cyclists who need to transport their helmet with them.

Comfortable – flexible fit

The Inflabi helmet is designed to be customized to the individual rider’s head shape and size, providing a comfortable and snug fit for maximum protection.

Sustainable – 70% air

The Inflabi helmet is reusable after a crash, as air does not break, this not only saves cost but also promotes sustainability by reducing waste compared to traditional helmets.

Individual – express yourself

It has a unique design that reflects the personal style and preferences of the rider. The helmet can be customized with different colors and patterns, making it a fashionable and personalized accessory for any cyclist.